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The Word is Out £10k Giveaway!

Your chance to win a share of the £10,000 prize pot!

Current prize pot: £2,750

Incorrect guesses:

Monday18th September: 'Games'

Tuesday 19th September: 'Feel'

Wednesday 20th September: 'Comedy'

Thursday 21st September: 'Fluidity'

Friday 22nd September: 'Ethnicity'

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The Word Is Out FAQs

How do I enter?

You can enter the competition by texting WORD to 64343. Texts cost £1 plus your standard network rate. You must have the bill payer’s permission to enter, over 18’s only.

When do I enter?

Make sure you enter while the competition is open. The competition closes each weekday at 4pm and then reopens at 7pm. Text lines will remain open across the weekend. The number of rounds and calls made across the week are subject to change.

Can I enter by calling?

No, text is the only way to enter.

Can I enter from anywhere in the UK?

Yes, you can. If you live in the Channel Islands, you should not enter as you will not be eligible to win, due to different regulations but you will still be charged.

I missed The Word is Out promo audio – I missed a winner - what was the word?

Keep listening to participating Nation Player stations throughout the day and we will remind you of the audio clip and the money being played for, you can also check the Nation Player website for all the incorrect answers, current prize pot value and the correct answer once it is guessed. 

I sent a text to enter but I haven’t received a confirmation message

It could be due to insufficient funds, a Premium Rate block on your network/phone, a monthly cap that has been exceeded, or a problem with your mobile phone network. You will need to contact your network about this.

I missed a call – was it Nation and do I still get to play?

We are not able to disclose that information. If you enter, please make sure you are available to answer your phone if safe to do so. If we do call you, we cannot guarantee how it will display on your phone.  We normally make the call to selected entrants between 16:00 and 17:30 each weekday, but this may vary.

I’ve already entered once; can I enter again?

Yes, you can enter multiple times. However, we would advise against excessive use of the Premium Rate text lines.

Could one person win £10,000?

Yes, and this happened the last time we ran this competition earlier in 2023.  The competition prize is an accumulator, if listeners continue to get the answers wrong on the first mystery word the money will accumulate until we reach the grand total of £10,000. Once we have a winner the next word can accumulate to a total which will be £10,000 less the amount already won.  This will continue until at least £10,000 has been won in total.  We will always start with £1,500 in the prize pot.

Will there be clues given out and how do I find out what the clues are if I miss them?

There will be clues given out in our ‘clues week’ from Monday 11th to Friday 15th December. This will only occur if the prize pot has not been won by these dates. Clues will be announced when the lines are closed between rounds, between 4pm and 7pm.

Nation Broadcasting’s The Word is Out, playing across the Nation Player network from Friday 15th September 2023 – Specific Rules

1. Nation Broadcasting’s The Word is Out (‘Promotion’) is organised by Nation Broadcasting. The Promotion will run from Friday 15th September 2023 at 8am on the Nation Player Network (see 1a for stations not included) until at least £10,000 (‘Total Prize Fund’) has been won. The Nation Player Network can be found online at and includes:

Nation Radio UK, Nation Radio Scotland, Nation Radio Wales, Nation Radio Ceredigion, Nation Radio South, Nation Radio East Yorkshire, Nation Radio Suffolk, Easy Radio Wales, Easy Radio South, Easy Radio UK (until October 31st) Sun FM, Dragon Radio, Bridge FM, Radio Carmarthenshire, Radio Pembrokeshire.

1a. The competition will not play on: Nation 60s, Nation 70s, Nation 80s, Nation 90s, Nation 00s, Nation Dance, Nation Hits, Nation Love, Nation New, Nation Rocks, and Nation Xmas.

1b. Nation Broadcasting Limited is the ‘Promoter’. We reserve the right to add in extra Promotion rounds during the week and at weekends as well as randomly selecting and calling multiple entrants in one round.

1c. The promoter reserves the right to give out clues relating to the missing word across the competition.

1d. If the Total Prize Fund is not won by Friday 8th December 2023 there will be a clues week from Monday 11th December to Friday 15th December 2023. Clues will be announced on-air between 4pm to 7pm when the lines are closed between rounds.

1e. If the Total Prize Fund is not won by Friday 15th December 2023 the following week will be known as the ‘Winning Week’, ahead of the Winning Week entries will close on Friday 15th December 2023 at 4pm. Each day from Monday 18th December to Friday 22nd December 2023 we will randomly select two callers from all the entries received across the competition since 15th September 2023 to take to air each day to guess The Word is Out. The selected entries must be eligible. If the first caller wins the prize on any of these days, the second selected entrant will not be called. One of our representatives will call the selected entrant on the telephone number on which you entered. If the entry is ineligible, we reserve the right to select another entrant. The Winning Week entrants will be subject to the rules outlined in clause 7. If there is no successful entrant across the week, lines will re-open from 7pm on Friday 22nd December 2023 and close on Tuesday 2nd January 2024 at 4pm, and reopening again at 7pm as per the previous process outlined in clause 5c.

2. The Promotion is subject to these Specific Rules and the General Terms and Conditions which are available here (together, the ‘Competition Terms’). Entry into the Promotion constitutes acceptance of these Specific Rules and the General Terms and Conditions.

Details of the Promotion:

3. To enter the Promotion you must listen out for The Word is Out promo as heard on a participating Nation Player Network station online, on FM or DAB, and enter accordingly as per clause 5.

4. The Word is Out promotion audio will change if the correct word is guessed and we have not reached the Total Prize Fund.

5. There is only one way to enter the Promotion:

Entry via SMS Text Message

5a) To enter the Promotion by SMS text message, you must text in during opening hours.

5b) You must send a text message  with the keyword WORD to 64343 (the “Text Message Line”). Text messages will be charged at £1 plus one standard network rate message. The text system may not recognise any other format of the keyword. You must have the bill payer’s permission to enter and be over 18 years old.

5c) Text lines will open from Friday 15th September 2023 at 08:00 and close on Monday 18th September at 16:00, reopening each weekday at 19:00 until 16:00 the following weekday and so on until the Total Prize Fund has been won (the ‘Promotion Round'). Entries received between 16:00 to 19:00 will not be eligible to win but may still be charged. The Promotion Round will remain open across the weekend and bank holidays for entries. Only entries that have been proved to have been billed, via our network operator receipting, will be considered valid entries. 

5d) On entering the Promotion by SMS text message, you will receive a text message back which confirms your entry and which invites you to take part in an offer for bonus entries, whereby if you pay and enter the Promotion additional times within the same Promotion round, you will receive additional entries into that Promotion round at no extra cost. The additional entries will be automatically included once you have submitted your paid entries and you will not need to text again to claim these. If you do submit subsequent entries into the Promotion, you will be charged again. It is your responsibility to ensure that if you respond to this offer, and that the text lines for the Promotion round are still open when you do so.

6. Once the Text Message Entry has closed, ten entries will be selected at random from all the entries received during that round. The selected entries must be eligible, and submitted at the correct time (see clause 5c). One of our representatives will call the first selected entrant on the telephone number on which you entered. If the entry is ineligible, we reserve the right to select another entrant. As stated in clause 7 we may call multiple entrants within a singular round, if this is the case, we will increase the number of randomly selected entries accordingly.

7. If you are this entrant, you may be asked to have a call with a presenter. That call will either be broadcast live or pre-recorded for future broadcast. You must answer your telephone when we contact you. Someone else cannot answer the phone, participate, or accept a prize on your behalf. If: (i) you fail to answer the phone; (ii) someone else answers the phone; (iii) the call goes to voicemail; (iv) the call becomes disconnected; or (v) you are not (or do not seem to be) in a position to safely and/or lawfully take or remain on the call (for example, if you are or seem to be driving); or (vi) you are not audible or intelligible or we are not able to conduct a conversation with you in a manner that is suitable for broadcast for any reason beyond our control (including, but not limited to: low/no signal on your device, a call is dropped by any network, you are travelling, there is too much background noise or feedback, etc.); before or during the Promotion, you may be disqualified and we reserve the right to select another entrant to participate in the Promotion or withdraw the prize and select another winner, as applicable. If you have complied with all applicable terms and conditions, and if you are successful, then you will be deemed available to guess the missing word. 

8. If an Entrant correctly guesses the missing word, they will win the amount of the accumulated prize pot. The prize pot starts at £1,500 and after each incorrect guess the prize pot will accumulate by £250 until the maximum prize pot is reached. When the missing word is correctly guessed, the prize pot will reset at £1,500.   The maximum prize pot for the first word is £10,000.  For subsequent words the maximum prize pot shall be £10,000 less the amount(s) won in previous rounds.  The minimum prize made available shall always be no less than £1,500 which makes the minimum prize pot £10,000 and the maximum prize pot £11,500.

9. Each daily Promotion Round is a separate round and the Text Message Line will be re-set after each round, therefore entry is only valid for the round which you enter, with the exception of The Winning Week, outlined in clause 1e.

10. The number of callers taken to air each day for the Promotion will be decided by Nation Broadcasting at our absolute discretion. We reserve the right to take the Promotion off-air during bank holidays in any UK nation, between Xmas Eve and New Year’s Day inclusive and at other times when in our reasonable opinion programming output requires it (for example in the event of a breaking major news story or in the event where competitions may seem inappropriate).

11. We may publish and publicise entrants’ names, image, social media handle and/or profile picture, your nearest geographical location (for example, your nearest city, town or county) and your entry, and we may refer to your association with the Promotion and/or the prize, in any and all media, worldwide, in perpetuity, for publicity and PR purposes solely in connection with the Promotion.

12. By entering the Promotion you are requesting that we process your entry into the Promotion immediately. We complete the entry process immediately following receipt of your entry and therefore you acknowledge that once you enter the Promotion you will lose any right you may have to cancel your entry and receive a refund (whether under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 or otherwise).

13. Nation Broadcasting Limited accepts no responsibility or liability for how the winner/winners of the Word is Out spends their prize money.


14. The Promotion is only open to residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 and over, and who are based in the United Kingdom at the time of entry.

15. Multiple entries into the Promotion by SMS text message are permitted.


16. A winning entrant will receive the minimum value of £1,500.

17. The prize is non-transferable and non-refundable.

18. We reserve the right to substitute the prize with another prize of equal or greater value at our absolute discretion.

18. Winners will be contacted within 24 hours of winning and you will receive the prize money within 14 working days of you providing the correct and verified bank information and identification required to process the payment.

19. We are registered with the Phone-paid Services Authority (“PSA”): registration number ORG830-55712-14480

20. For all enquiries in connection with the Promotion please contact our support team at

Data Protection

21. Your personal data that you provide to us will be collected and processed by us in order to administer and fulfil the Promotion. Your personal data may also be disclosed to the Phone-paid Services Authority, Ofcom and/or the Advertising Standards Authority at their reasonable request for regulatory purposes.

22. By entering a Promotion, you acknowledge that any personal data provided by you in connection with the Promotion will be processed as set out above and in accordance with our Privacy Policy which sets out full details of how we process personal data and how you can exercise your rights as a data subject. Please ensure you have read and understood our Privacy Policy before entering any Promotion.


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