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About Us

Nation Broadcasting is proud to be one of the UK’s fastest-growing media companies.

The company was founded by Jason Bryant and started in 2002 with the launch of Radio Pembrokeshire in West Wales.

A successful strategy of growth through station acquisitions, new service launches and investment in related sectors has seen the group develop considerably over the past two decades.

We own a portfolio of national, regional and local commercial radio stations, a digital marketing business (Nation Digital) and operate and invest in DAB transmission (Muxco and Muxcast) and a transmission software company (Factum Radioscape).

Nation Broadcasting Group of Companies:

Nation Broadcasting Limited (UK) 03707801
Nation Resources Limited (Associate) (UK) 07802476

Wholly owned direct or indirect subsidiaries of Nation Broadcasting Limited:

Bailiwick Broadcasting Ltd (UK) 05388776 (Muxco Channel Islands)
Brave Broadcasting Ltd (UK) SC383489 (Non trading)
Bridge FM Radio Ltd (UK) 03703005 (Bridge FM Radio)
Dragon Radio Ltd (UK) 09007928 (Dragon Radio)
Haven FM (Pembrokeshire) Ltd (UK) 04115826 (Radio Pembrokeshire)
Muxcast Ltd (UK) 12790276 (Non trading)
Muxco North Wales Ltd (UK) 06440754 (Muxco North Wales)
Muxco Wales Ltd (UK) 05937209 (Muxco Wales)
Nation Broadcasting Investments (East) Ltd (UK) 11705720 (Nation Radio East Yorkshire)
Nation Broadcasting Investments (South) Ltd (UK) 11705713 (Nation Radio South / Easy Radio South)
Nation Broadcasting Investments Ltd (UK) 11582777 (Investment holding company)
Nation Digital Ltd (UK) 10322947 (Nation Digital)
Nation Media Ltd (UK) 13950771 (Non trading)
Nation Radio Investments Ltd (UK) 11580857 (Nation Radio Dumbarton / Helensburgh)
Nation Radio Limited (UK) 04041838 (Nation Radio Wales)
Nation Radio Scotland Limited (UK) SC517618 (Nation Radio Scotland)
Nation Ventures Ltd (UK) 12395791 (Investment holding company)
Radio Carmarthenshire Ltd (UK) 04536261 (Radio Carmarthenshire)
Radio Ceredigion Ltd (UK)  07177517 (Nation Radio Ceredigion)
Southampton Digital Radio Limited (UK) 14340011 (Non trading)
Sun FM Ltd (UK) 02955400 (Sun FM)
Swansea Bay Radio Ltd (UK) 05168983 (Easy Radio Wales)
Thames Radio Limited (UK) 10085879 (Nation Radio UK, Easy Radio UK and brand extensions)

Majority owned direct or indirect companies of Nation Broadcasting Limited:

Digital Broadcast Technologies Ltd (UK) 09458589 (Investment holding company)
Ipswich 102 Ltd (UK) 11139896 (Nation Radio Suffolk)
Muxcast One Ltd (UK) 12945666 (Muxcast Salisbury)
Muxco Cumbria Ltd (UK) 11923286 (Muxco Morecambe Bay)
Radioscape Ltd (UK) 06923368 (Factum Radioscape)

Minority direct or indirect investments of Nation Broadcasting Limited:

Countryline Media Ltd (UK)10359759
Hull DAB Limited (UK) 14054457
Little Radio Ltd (UK)11872282
Liverpool DAB Ltd (UK)13520567
Muxco North East Wales and West Cheshire Limited (UK) 06205388
Muxco Suffolk Ltd (UK) 09486130
Panda Podcasts Limited (UK) 11783984
Salisbury Radio Ltd (UK) 13058798

E&OE - last updated September 2022.