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Public File

Public File - Nation Radio Wales

Each local commercial radio station in the UK has obligations with regard to its programmes, including its music and local content.

These obligations are set out in the station Format which forms part of this station’s public file.

The Public File is also available in hard copy by post upon request by any member of the public and serves as one indicator of each station’s output. 

Comment on the contents of the Public File should be made to the station or to the industry regulator Ofcom

Stations covered in this Public File

Nation Radio (Wales) is a programme service delivered across two Ofcom licenses.

Nation Radio (South Wales) – Regional license held by Nation Radio Limited

Nation Radio (Ceredigion) – Local license held by Radio Ceredigion Limited.

Both companies are part of the Nation Broadcasting Group.

The service transmits a single programme service on a number of FM transmitters with split advertising across South Wales, West Wales and Ceredigion.  The service also available on DAB across Wales and online.

Like each local commercial station in the UK has obligations with regard to its programmes, including its music and local content. These obligations are set out in the station Format which forms part of our Public File.

The Public File is just one indicator of our output. Just ask us if you’d like a hard copy. If you have any comments on it, let us know or, if necessary, contact our regulator, Ofcom.

News bulletins and the News team

Except in special or exceptional circumstances (which may include some bank holiday periods and between Christmas and the New Year) the station broadcasts news bulletins hourly from 0600 until 1900. Bulletins contain a mix of local/regional, national and world stories, along with sport, weather and entertainment news.

At the weekend, bulletins containing local/regional, national and world news, along with sport, weather and entertainment news, are broadcast between 0800 and 1300.

Our news is supplied by Nation Network News.

Additionally, at other times, bulletins containing national and world news, prepared by Sky, is broadcast.

The news team is managed by Nation Network News Managing Editor John Ryan

You can contact the news team at or by calling 02921 414100 and selecting the option for news.

Nation Network news is compiled by a team of journalists based at various locations around the UK - we also maintain a journalistic presence in each area of the UK where this is a format requirement.

Programme Schedule

The station broadcasts twenty four hours a day, our programme schedule is available at the station website.

Programme Production

Under Ofcom’s definition of automation, all programming is automated. 

The overwhelming majority of content including presentation links are supplied to the station very shortly before broadcast.

Local Programming

The station broadcasts local programming from private studios located within the transmission area (or wider approved area where applicable).

We are required to provide three hours per weekday from the approved area which is typically at weekdays 1pm-4pm.

We always ensure we meet our minimum requirement to provide three hours of local programming on weekdays.

All local programming, and indeed all programming is shared between Nation Radio Wales and Nation Radio Ceredigion (two Ofcom licences)

Shared Programming

We sometimes share our programming and competitions across a number of radio stations operated by Nation Broadcasting.  A full list of our stations can be found at

We have recently (11 April 2022) introduced some shared programming outside of local hours (1-4pm weekdays) between our Nation Radio services in Wales and Scotland and (7-8pm weekdays) between our Nation Radio services in Wales, Scotland and the UK.


Guidelines on localness have been published by our regulator OFCOM, and are available here:


To contact the radio station generally, use our ‘contact us’ page and we’ll make every effort to reply to any emails which raise substantive issues. Should you prefer to speak to programme management, please contact Neil Greenslade, Nation Broadcasting’s Group Programme Director.

You can also contact the station during office hours on 02921-414100

Events/Charities support or coverage

Historically, the station has organised Pride of Wales Awards Annually and supported charity initiatives such as Kidney Wales Cardiff 10k. We are currently supporting the Swansea Half Marathon 2022.

Recent Programme and/or News Highlights

Our website is regularly updated with current programming, competitions and initiatives we’re proud of and, where appropriate, local news.


We aim that our radio stations belong to the areas they serve through the information services it provides. Any suggestions or thoughts on our output are always much valued.


Nation Radio is a music station for Wales including coverage of local artists.  Accordingly, we play a wide variety of music including tracks from groups who are based in or strongly associated with Wales.

If you would like a copy of our current playlist you can request this from Neil Greenslade, Nation Broadcasting’s Group Programme Director.


As outlined at the head of this document, the station is governed by a Format, which forms part of our licence. Our Format is available on the Ofcom website by selecting the relevant station here

How to complain

Producing entertaining radio always carries some risk. We try to get things right, and not all programmes will be to everyone’s taste. Where we do make mistakes, we’ll try to take appropriate action as quickly as we can. Please do get in touch with any comments – praise or complaints and we’ll consider them carefully.

You can raise a complaint using the contact us form on the website.

To speak to us directly, our weekday office hours phone numbers are above. Should you have any difficulties, please speak to Nation Broadcasting’s Managing Director, Martin Mumford –

If you feel we have not taken the right action regarding a broadcast after contacting us, you may refer the matter to our regulator, Ofcom.


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