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FM Radio

Across Carmarthenshire you can find us on 97.1FM, we're on 97.5FM in Carmarthen Town and Llanelli.  A car radio should automatically find the strongest signal.

DAB Digital Radio

You can find us across South West Wales on DAB Digital Radio.  If your radio searches by multiplex instead of station name you can find us on the Mid & West Wales multiplex.


Amazon Alexa - say "Play Radio Carmarthenshire" - if this fails ask your device to "enable Nation Player" and follow any instructions to add this skill, then "ask Nation Player to Play Radio Carmarthenshire".

Amazon Fire TV - search and install Nation Player.

Google home and Apple - unfortunately we do not currently support these platforms directly, however you may still be able to find the station through third party aggregators such as Radioplayer and TuneIn.  

You may also be able to find the station on other listing services by searching Radio Carmarthenshire or searching/asking for Scarlet FM.

Mobile App

You can find us on the Nation Player mobile app - search Nation Player in the Apple or Google play store.


You can click listen live at the top of this web page.


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  • Night Mix

    Midnight - 6:00am

  • Lee Jukes

    6:00am - Noon

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